Michael's Psalm 64

Written 8 April 2003; 6 Nisan 5763

Holy Father in Heaven, we love You!
    God Almighty, we worship You!
Use me, dear Lord, for your Glory.
    Everything I am belongs to You.
Meet the needs of Your people through me.
    Never do I want to miss a chance to show Your love.
Be gentle but firm with me, Lord.
    Tell me where I need to improve.
Let your love flow through me always.
    Love leads me in righteousness and Your compassion.
Every day, I need You, Lord.
    Every breath I take is provided by You, Father.
Jesus the Anointed One gave His life to save us.
    People need to hear of this gift to receive it.
Eternal joy flows as we praise You!
    Our hearts leap for joy in Your presence!
Send your light out through your people!
    We delight in spreading your Word!
Under Your power, we boldly bring life through Your Message.
    Everlasting life goes to those who believe in Jesus and follow Him.
Shout for joy, because the Messiah is King!
    Rejoice, for Jesus Christ is LORD!

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