Michael's Psalm 65

Written 5 July 2003; 5 Tammuz 5763

My Heart's Desire

Holy Fire, purify me.
    Refine me and make me holy.
Open my heart's eyes.
    Enlighten my spirit.
Let Your love flow through me, Lord.
    Fill me to overflowing with Your Spirit.
You satisfy me with Your righteousness.
    I rejoice in Your justification!
Freedom in Jesus Christ is wonderful!
    New life in God's Messiah is better than all the world's pleasures.
I thank You, Heavenly Father, for Your costly gift!
    Eternal life with You excels above all treasures.
Righteousness is Your glory.
    My tongue loves to tell of Your mercy.
Everlasting love brings us life!
    Eternal kindness brings praise to our lips!

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