Michael's Psalm 60

A praise psalm. Written 8 September 2002

Jesus Christ, we thank you for paying the price for our redemption.
    Jesus our Messiah, we are grateful that you died and rose again for us.
Everlasting, joy-filled life is Your gift to us.
    Eternal life with You is our hearts' desire.
Salvation like this is better than anything the world has to offer.
    Sure salvation in Christ Jesus is worth more than all the wealth and pleasures on Earth.
Unsurpassed joy fills Your people!
    Unmatched peace floods our souls!
Such love as you show to us is beyond comparison!
    Surely there is no greater love than laying down Your life for us.
It is with willing hearts that we worship You, Father!
    It is our earnest desire to serve You, Lord!
Singing for joy, we praise You, Yahweh!
    Shouting in victory, we honor You, Jesus!
Lord Jesus, You are wonderful!
    King Jesus, we appreciate You!
Our hearts leap for joy in your presence, Dear Lord.
    In following You, we are fulfilled, Holy Father.
Reign Forever, Almighty God!
    No one is greater than You!
Death has been defeated by Jesus Christ!
    Glory be to our Father forever!

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