Michael's Psalm 58

Written 25 April 2002

Jesus Christ is Lord!
    Jesus, the Anointed One, is King of Kings!
Everyone must hear the Good News of Jesus Christ!
    Every man, woman, and child must hear the Gospel!
Shout for joy in the Holy Spirit!
    Sing praises to God the Father!
Under God's protection, we are safe.
    Upon God's promises, we stand secure.
Sing of God's wonderful works.
    Sing of lives redeemed!
I give my life to Jesus Christ.
    I am in the Messiah's service.
Sin separated us from the Father, but
    Salvation by Jesus Christ reunites us.
Love reigns supreme in God's Kingdom.
    Heaven overflows with love.
O Father, we love you!
    O God, we adore you!
Righteousness and peace flow from you.
    Life and wisdom come from you.
Daily, I seek you.
    You are life and love.

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