Michael's Psalm 57

Written 18 January 2002

Thank You, Jesus!
    We appreciate You, Lord!
Happy are all who trust You.
    Everlasting joy flows from You.
All the world's riches pale compared to Your glory.
    Life forever with You is better than anything else.
No weapon formed against Your people prospers.
    Our lives are safe in You.
King of Kings, we love You!
    Victor over victors, we worship You!
You are righteous and good!
    Everything about You is wonderful!
Old problems flee from You.
    You bring righteousness, peace, and joy.
Under Your care, we have peace.
    Our prayers are precious to You.
Jesus the Anointed One, You are great!
    Upon Your Word, we stand firm.
Everlasting life with You is wonderful!
    Life is full of joy in You, Lord!
Sorrow flees as we serve You.
    Our hearts are filled with Your love, faith, and hope.
Under Your shelter, life is good.
    Rays of Your light bring healing.
Songs of praise are always Yours!
    Delightful music declares Your glory forever!

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