Michael's Psalm 43

Written 15 November 2000

Glory to God Almighty!
Our Redeemer lives!
       Everlasting life is His gift.
Day by day, we worship the Most Holy One.
       Glory and honor belong to our God.
Love binds us to our Father.
       All of our worship belongs to God!
Only the Most Holy One deserves our worship.
       Virtue, strength, and faithfulness flow from God.
Victory over sin & death belong to Jesus the Messiah and His body!
       Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!
Every need is met when we follow you, Lord.
       How generous you are, dear Father!
Sin no longer has dominion over us!
       In Christ Jesus, we are righteous!
Thank you, Father, for your grace and mercy.
       Salvation is an awesome gift!
Heaven and Earth rejoice in Your love!
       Overflowing praise flood Your creation!
Eternal reward awaits your people.
       Nothing can separate us from your love. 
We treasure your presence, Most Holy One.
       Life is truly worth living in your love.
Oh, how deep is your love!
       Your loving kindness never stops.
Rejoice, you hidden people!
       Shout for joy, you isolated tribes!
Look up, for messengers bring words of everlasting life to you!
       Open your hearts to Jesus Christ!
Divine love never stops.
       Nothing outlasts God's love!

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