Michael's Psalm 44

Written 17 February 2001

Jesus Christ is Lord!
    Jesus the Messiah reigns!
Every knee will bow to Him.
    Every tongue will confirm Jesus' Lordship.
Sing for joy, brothers and sisters!
    Sing praise to our Father in Heaven!
Under God's care, we can prosper.
    Under Jesus' blood covenant, we can be effective.
Sickness and injury cannot stop the Gospel.
    Satan's misery cannot defeat God's children.
Claim what God gives you!
    Stand firm and occupy territory for the Kingdom of Heaven!
Healings, miracles, signs, and wonders still confirm the Gospel.
    The Word of God is still powerful.
Righteousness and peace flow from God.
    In God's Words are all the power for their fulfillment.
In times of need, our Father hears us.
    Love moves God to listen to His children.
Satan's doom is sealed, but God's children live forever.
    Life with our Father is truly worth living.
Thank You, Father, for loving us so much!
    Holy God, we worship you.
Instead of the destruction we deserved, you gave us grace.
    Evil and sin are washed away by Jesus Christ's blood.
Salvation belongs to all who call on Jesus Christ!
    All who call on the name of the Lord in faith are saved!
Lord, we are eternally grateful.
    Let your glory increase!
Our healing, salvation, deliverance, and provision cost you so much!
    Surely your sacrifice was not in vain!
Rejoice, for Jesus Christ is King of Kings!
    Under Jesus' rule, peace and prosperity abound.
Do what God has placed on your heart.
    Surely God makes it possible to follow Him wherever He leads.

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