Michael's Psalm 42

Written 31 August 2000

Jesus Christ is Lord!
       Glory to the King of Kings!
Every tribe, nation, and language praise God!
       Open your mouth and praise Him!
Sing joyful praises to our Father!
       Delight in His grace and mercy!
Under His wings, we take refuge.
       Stand confident in our Defender!
Satan has no power over God's Children.
       Peace and power over God's enemies belong to us.
Love flows in our words and deeds.
       Everlasting life is our reward.
Open your heart to worship God.
       Acknowledge His wondrous mighty deeds.
Victory over sin, sickness and poverty is ours!
       Keep firm, and hang on to our inheritance!
Even small children have authority over demons.
       Satan must bow at the name of Jesus Christ.
Sin no longer has dominion over the redeemed people.
       Temptation can be overcome in Jesus' Name.
All we have and all we are that is good comes from God.
       Out of our God flows rivers of life.
Life is truly worth living in Jesus Christ.
       Yahweh blesses those who honor His Son.
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!
       Oh magnify and honor the Lord with me!
Nearer to You, we draw, dear Lord.
       Unto You, we sing praises.
All of our glory belongs to You.
       Refresh us, dear Lord, in Your presence.
Thank you, Father, for your love and grace.
       Holy Father, we appreciate You and all You do for us.
In the name of Jesus Christ, we bless Your people.
       Even those who don't know You learn about You, now.
Oh, the riches of the wisdom and love of God!
       All who love You share in your joy!
No good thing is lacking in Your presence, dear Father!
       Rejoice, you people of God, as your needs are met!
Sing for joy and thank God for His marvelous grace!
       Thanks be unto our holy God forever!

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