Michael's Psalm 41

written 23 May 2000

Jesus is alive!
       Jesus loves you!
Every breath is a gift from God.
       Everlasting love sustains life.
Salvation comes through Jesus Christ.
       Salvation comes through no one else.
Under God's protection, I rest.
       Using His gifts, I serve Him.
Sing praises to our Father!
       Shout for joy in His presence!
In fullness of joy, we serve God.
       Love floods our souls with peace.
Sight and clear vision are with You, Lord.
       Open our eyes and our hearts to Your understanding.
All creation declares Your glory.
       Victory over sin and corruption mark Your presence.
Love and peace are Your gifts.
       Everlasting life belongs to Your children.
In Your presence is great joy.
       Surely You provide well for Your children!
Victory is already won through Jesus' blood.
       My life is precious to God.
Eternal praises flow from my lips.
       Everlasting worship flows from my heart.

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