Michael's Psalm 40

written 8 May 2000

Listening Psalm

Savior, we love You!
    Lord, we worship You!
Everlasting love redeems us!
    Incorruptible Words of truth free us!
Eternal life is in Your Word.
    Salvation is ours by Your blood.
Keep teaching us, Most Holy One.
    Teach us to live in the righteousness of God's Son.
Jesus Christ, You are wonderful!
    Everything You do and say is wonderful!
Enlighten us with Your understanding,
    Not our own imperfect understanding.
Speak to us, Lord!
    Infuse us with your Word!
Unveil your awesome plan.
    Near to your heart, you draw each child, woman, and man.
Surely you are worthy of our praise, O God!
    Glory be to our Heavenly Father, who is so good!

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