Michael's Psalm 39

written 1 May 2000

Joy Psalm

Glory be to God, our Father!
    Jesus is alive forever!
Lord, we thank You for rescuing us!
    Everlasting life with You is much better than is due us!
Open Heaven's gates and let Your Holy Spirit fall!
    Send Your saving power on us all!
Resting in Your shadow, we are secure.
    Under Your wings, our life is pure.
Yahweh Almighty is our Father!
    Sing of God's great love forever! 
Tell everyone of Jesus' atoning sacrifice!
    Love so strong paid a great price!
Offer our God the praise He deserves!
    In joy, each child of God gladly serves.
God, we love You!
    Victorious love flows around You.
Only You deserve our worship!
    Eternal praises pass from each lip!
Delightful wonders fill God's creation with glory.
    Shout "Hallelujah" with joy!

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