Michael's Psalm 38

written 27 April 2000

Jesus, we thank You for Your sacrificial love!
    We honor You because of what You have done for us!
Every good and perfect gift comes to us through You.
    Everlasting and meaningful life is Your will for us.
Satan tried to rob us by deception, but You rescued us with truth.
    Carnal sin tempts us, but You provide an escape.
Until all return to You who will, You keep reaching out to us.
    All of us sinned, but You took our punishment.
Satan keeps harming people, but You keep destroying his evil works.
    No satanic lie can stand against Your life-giving truth.
Only Your love can save us.
    Only Your blood can free us from our sin and its curse.
Victory is ours in Jesus Christ!
    Victory was assured with Jesus' innocent blood.
Everlasting joy is our inheritance because we trust and love Jesus!
    Eternal life comes through the Son of God!
Rejoice in Jesus, because He brought us into His Father's family!
    Rejoice forever in our redemption!
Come join us, you who are bound!
    Come experience God's deliverance!
All who call on Jesus with sincere hearts are saved.
    Only believe in Him, turn from evil, and follow Him.
Mercy flows like a flood from our Father's throne.
    Mercy cleanses us from sin and its curse with Jesus' blood.
Everlasting praise flows from my lips to God's ears.
    Everlasting worship flows from my heart to our loving God.


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