Michael's Psalm 37

written 17 April 2000

Jesus Christ is Lord!
    Jesus the Messiah reigns!
Everlasting majesty belongs to our God!
    Eternal praises flow to His throne!
Saved people from all tribes press in to honor our Father.
    Songs declare God's glory in every language.
Upon His throne, God smiles.
    Unmatched love and joy radiate from our Father.
Sing the song of the redeemed with us!
    Shout for joy in Jesus' victory!
In God's presence, all needs are met.
    Love flows from Him like a broad and gentle river.
Salvation, healing, deliverance, peace, and provision flow freely to God's children.
    Open your hearts and receive His gifts graciously.
Maker of all things, God is mighty!
    Victorious over sin and evil are God's children!
Yahweh reigns in peace, mercy, and justice.
    Evil and oppression flee from God.
Let us rejoice in God's holiness!
    Sing praises to our righteous King!
O Father, we love You!
    You truly deserve our worship!
Riches, honor, glory, might, and dominion are rightfully Yours!
    Only You, Almighty God, are worthy of our worship.
Declare God's glory!
    Uphold His majesty!

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