Michael's Psalm 36

written 14 April 2000

    Jesus is Lord!
All that is good comes from God.
    Every righteous blessing flows from our Father.
Love like God's never fails.
    Sincere and perfect love always overcomes evil.
Life is a gift twice given to God's children.
    Under Jesus Christ's blood, our death penalty is forever void.
Everlasting life with joy, peace, and love, belongs to all of God's children.
    Sing of God's love forever!
Look how wonderful God is!
    Hear how much Jesus loves us!
Unmatched mercy trades our sin for Jesus' righteousness.
    Even the best of this world's passing pleasures cannot compete!
Jesus saves, heals, and delivers us!
    All of this and more was paid for with Jesus Christ's blood.
All day long I am thankful for Jesus and His love!
    Lift up your voice, O my soul, and praise the Lord!
    Shout praise to God!

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