Michael's Psalm 35

written 12 April 2000

Jesus, we thank you for your love.
    Jesus, we thank you for your blood sacrifice.
Everlasting life with You is your gift.
    Eternal peace is Your reward.
Salvation we couldn't afford is ours.
    Saved by Your grace, we live!
Under Your blood, our sins no longer threaten us.
    Upon Your throne, You intercede for us.
Salvation comes from no one else.
    Set us free with Your truth!
Love like Yours cannot fail.
    Covenant love sealed with Your blood lasts forever.
Only our God has the power and love to fully redeem us.
    All our loyalty goes to our Father.
Victory is ours through Jesus Christ!
    Lead us by Your Holy Spirit, Lord!
Everlasting love empowers us!
    Love outlasts anything.
Sing praises, O my soul, to Almighty God!
    Sing about God's glory.
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow all declare Yahweh's goodness!
    Yahweh is perfect forever!
Open your heart and accept God's gift!
    Only believe, and you will live.
Upon God's Word, I build my life.
    Under God's direction, I walk in love.

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