Michael's 22nd Psalm

A psalm of thanks and praise written on Green Mountain 19 March 1999 (2 Nissan 5759)

Thank you, Jesus!
       Praise Yahweh!
       Reign forever in truth and grace, Lord God!
All of your creation declares your glory.
       Animals and birds rejoice in your provision.
New life blossoms in the Spring.
       Infants are born and nurtured.
Kings discover that you are sovereign.
       Senators and presidents are blessed for their faith in you.
You are mighty and completely trustworthy, O Father!
       Everything you say is reliable, no matter what it costs you.
Only you can fully redeem us from our sin and depravity.
       You have paid in full with Jesus Christ's blood.
Under the protection of your wings, we find strength.
       Angels from your throne protect us.
Jesus' victory is complete in your redeemed children.
       Heaven and Earth celebrate your conquest of sin!
Every tribe, race, language, and nation praise you.
       Worthy are you to receive honor, glory, might, and dominion.
Shout for joy, all you who are saved!
       Echoes from the mountains join in praising God!
Under God's power, we take back what was stolen.
       Heavenly authority comes in the name of Jesus Christ!
Shout Hallelujah!

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