Michael's 23rd Psalm

A psalm of thanks for provision, written on a lunchtime prayer walk 25 March 1999 (8 Nissan 5759)

Father God, we thank you for caring for us!
       Blessed be your holy name forever!
All of our needs are met all of the time.
       Lack and poverty have no place in us.
Time and again you prove yourself faithful.
       Even when things look impossible to us, you provide as you said.
Heaven and Earth rejoice in your bounty.
       Surplus flows from your holy throne.
Every one of your children has the means to be cared for.
       Skills, knowledge, and favor at work are from you.
Round up the harvest, because it is ripe.
       Increase abounds in souls and wealth.
Put your trust in God, and not in things.
       No wealth can save like our Redeemer.
Rejoice, for our Father paid our bills!
Only Jesus Christ is the way to the Father.
       God became a man so that we could again fellowship with Him.
Victory over sin, sickness, bondage, and poverty is ours for the taking.
       Jesus Christ paid the full price.
In the name of Jesus Christ, we win!
       Enemy spirits must flee or be bound in Jesus' name.
Death no longer has a permanent claim on us!
       Shout for joy because of our eternal life!
Eternal love from God fills us to overflowing.
       Under our Father's wings, we are secure.
Sing praise to Yahweh!
       Sing to our Father forever!

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