Michael's 21st Psalm

A psalm of thanks for health written in a tire store. 28 December 1998 (9 Tevet 5759)

God is our healer!
       Yahweh gives His children health!
Only our God knows how to heal any infirmity.
       All our problems are no problem to Him.
Disease has no right to Jesus' redeemed people.
       Health belongs to all of God's children.
Healing brings glory to God.
       We are grateful for our health.
Emotional pair and deep sorrow melt like wax in a roaring fire.
       Even sorrows and grief fade before Yahweh.
All kinds of injuries and losses are healed by our Father.
       He who created us makes us whole again.
Life flows from Yahweh in His breath.
       Keep us close, dear Father, that we may live!
Salvation, healing, deliverance, and prosperity are in Jesus Christ's blood.
       Every good blessing was paid for with our Messiah's blood sacrifice.
Holy and perfect is Yahweh's love for us.
       Even to the point of giving His Son for us, God's love endures forever.
In Jesus Christ's Holy Name we cast out demons and disease.
       Praise God that our names are in the Book of Life!
Symptoms come and Satan deceives, but
       Symptoms fade when we resist with God's Word!
Christ Jesus delegated authority to His body of believers.
       Under the Sword of God's Word, the enemy falls every time.
Healing follows faith in the Word of God.
       Say what God says and believe it for healing.
It is impossible for Yahweh to lie.
       Honesty and integrity flow from God's wisdom.
       Every Word spoken by God is absolutely reliable.
Long-lasting diseases and allergies used to plague me.
       All those infirmities are gone, now, thanks to Yahweh our Healer.
Done with even headaches, I praise our God of mercy!
       Lovingkindness and compassion flow with God's healing.
Royal majesty and glory be to Jesus Christ!
       Tell of His works all day long!
Everlasting glory be to Yahweh!
       Holy, holy, holy is our Redeemer and Counselor!
Never underestimate the love of God!
       Yahweh be praised forever!

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