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Michael's 20th Psalm

A psalm of praise and thanksgiving. 26 December 1998 (7 Tevet 5759)

You are merciful, kind, and loving, our righteous Father in Heaven!
       Joy, peace, and love pour from your throne!
All of your ways are good, righteous, and just.
       Everything you do and say is right.
Holiness is defined by who you are!
       Saints and angels stand in awe of you!
When sin or sickness attack your people, you make a way.
       Under the blood of Jesus, sin is covered forever.
Everlasting joy is our inheritance!
       Sin no longer has dominion over us, even in this world.
Holy people serve the Holy God.
       Children of the almighty willingly do his pleasure.
Into your courts we come with thanksgiving!
       Holy One, we do thank you for your many blessings!
Surely you have carried our sicknesses, sorrows, and poverty,
       Removing the curse far from us.
Healing is ours, because you bought it for us.
       In your name, disease, injury, and pain flee.
Our inheritance is the blessing of Abraham.
       Surely by faith you prosper your children abundantly.
Let your saints be generous, as you are very generous with them!
       There is plenty of food in your house.
You make a way to finance your work.
       Our needs are more than met as we serve you.
Fleeing before us, demons run in terror.
       Under our feet, the enemy can do no harm.
Our storehouses and accounts overflow.
       Riches and abundance are directed by your compassion.
Real wealth and pure attitudes advance your Kingdom.
       Love causes sharing and giving to all who are in real need.
Eternal life of joy is waiting for all of your children, Father.
       Our gratefulness never ends.
Victory is ours now and forever.
       Redeemed we remain in your care.
Every word of yours is trustworthy.
       Dear Lord, we believe in you and your Word.
Reign forever!

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