Michael's 19th Psalm

A psalm of worship. 26 December 1998 (7 Tevet 5759)

Your heart, my Father in Heaven, yearns for your children.
       Joy and friendship have been stricken from them by sin.
All creation suffers at your loss, but you make a way.
       Even though the sorrow is immense, you pay the price.
Hatred and arrogance block the way, but you restore your children.
       Sacrificing your own self on a cross of cruel execution, you bled for us.
We are totally free of condemnation and evil, now.
       Under the blood of Jesus our Messiah, no sin can be found.
Evil's dark attack on your Kingdom of Light shrinks back in total defeat.
       Saints come into your glory again!
Holy and righteous are you in your salvation!
       Christ Jesus saved us from sin, sickness, poverty, and death!
We sing the song of the redeemed, for you bought us with your blood.
       Sing praises and worship the Almighty, Merciful One, Redeemer of our glory!
Ever more will we celebrate your goodness, as we inherit the place you intended for us!
       All of us from every nation, tribe, kindred, and language praise your Holy Name!
Everlasting joy is ours, as you wipe away all tears -- including your own.
       Victory for righteousness and truth is complete!
Please show us even more of your glory, our Father!
       Enlighten us with more of your wisdom and light!
Sing out of joy and gratitude, all who are redeemed!
       Shout for victory and bow down to our loving King of Kings!

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