Michael's 18th Psalm

A psalm of Triumph: written after the destroyer stole some of our property, and before God more than restored it. 29 March 1998 (24 Adar 5758)

God reigns in Heaven!
       Power and authority are God's.
Only God is worthy of our worship.
       Raise your voice and hands and praise God!
Daily will my thanks go to God.
       As long as I have breath, I will praise Him.
Into His presence boldly I go in Jesus' Name.
       In the righteousness of the Anointed One I stand.
Seraphim see Yahweh's works and rejoice.
       Saints sing the song of the redeemed.
Holy, holy, holy is our God Almighty!
       Everlasting lovingkindness flow from our Lord.
Our God shows love and compassion forever.
       Go tell the lost of my salvation, He says.
Let all languages, nations, tribes, and peoples know
       Of what Jesus bought with His blood!
Yahweh has redeemed us totally!
       Draw near to our Father, now!

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