Michael's 17th Psalm

A praise psalm. 22 March 1998 (24 Adar 5758)

Praise Almighty God!
       Glorify Yahweh, our Father!
Raise your voice in song!
       Let music fill the air!
All of God's people love Him.
       Our Father taught us to love.
I will always remember God's goodness and mercy.
       Rejoice for what God is doing in your life!
Shout for victory, for God is mighty!
       Yahweh reigns forever!
Eternal life with joy is ours in Jesus the Messiah.
       Behold, we live forever with our God.
Always faithful, God never fails.
       Everlasting mercy and lovingkindness reward us.
Love from God is strong!
       The blood of Jesus Christ proves it.
Majesty and honor flow from the Father's throne!
       Our God and Father is glorious above all.
Immaculate, God with us, Yahweh's Son, the Anointed One,
       Jesus Christ, the Bright and Morning Star, holds the keys!
God has purchased our freedom from sin, poverty, and death!
       Eternal righteousness, health, peace, love, and joy are ours!
Hallelujah! Praise Yahweh!
       Shout for Joy, you children of God!
Tell of God's mighty works!
       Understand that God shows us His love forever.
Yes, God is good.
       Surely He is worthy of our trust and praise.
God is holy, and we trust in Him.
       Now and forever we rely on God.
Oh, how we love Jesus!
       Only worship God, for He alone is worthy!
Delight in God, for He has saved us!
       Worship the Father, for He provides for us!

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