Michael's 16th Psalm

An acrostic victory psalm. 7-8 December 1997 (8-9 Kislev 5758)

Victory has already been won for us by Jesus Christ!
       The outcome is already determined by God.
Increased vicious attacks by the enemy are futile.
       Holy armor protects God's army.
Call on our Father in your time of trouble and testing.
       Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord is saved.
Tell of Yahweh's great deeds!
       Let God's glory be made known!
Our one true God is faithful, honest, righteous, and mighty.
       Only God combines such power and goodness.
Remember what God has done for you.
       Recall God's work in your life.
Yahweh has saved me from destruction.
       Death is no longer final, because Jesus redeemed me.
I stand before God in Jesus' righteousness by grace.
       Jesus took all of my sin and guilt away.
Now I walk and talk by the power of God.
       Every day the Holy Spirit guides and comforts me.
Jesus traded despair for hope, sorrow for joy, and illness for health.
       Such a trade can only be motivated by pure love.
Eternal joy and confidence as God's son and friend are mine.
       Under Jesus' shed blood, all my offenses against God are forgotten.
Sing praise to God, who shows such wonderful love to his children!
       Shout for joy, because of God's perfect redemption plan!
Unrighteous thoughts from demons assault this world, but
       Righteous truth from the Word of God always prevails.
Shed blood of innocent babies stains our land.
       Even our leaders promote human sacrifice to false gods.
This brings a curse, but God shows mercy to his people.
       In love, he preserves a guilty land for his children's sake.
Heal us, dear Father, and help us reach out in love and truth!
       Go before us and prepare hearts to receive your Word.
Even the blood-guilty can be cleansed by your Son's blood.
       Now let them hear your message, believe you, and live!
My father, please pour out your Holy Spirit on all people in greater measure.
       Soak us with your presence!
Even now, time draws near for Jesus' return with power and great glory.
       Oh, my soul aches for those who need to know you.
Send forth your Word by all available means!
       New channels and new doors, be opened in Jesus' name!
Send laborers into the harvest! Send me!
       Harvest your beloved people into your Kingdom!
In your Kingdom, we live in love, joy, and peace.
       In your Kingdom, there is no hatred, sorrow, or despair.
All your people from every race, language, tribe, and nation love you.
       Godly love brings us together in unity.
Holy is our Lord God Almighty!

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