Michael's 15th Psalm

An acrostic thanksgiving psalm. 23 November 1997

Thank you, Father, for your lovingkindness!
       Glory belongs to you because of your mercy.
Healing flows from you to your people.
       I treasure the health you give us.
Always remember God's goodness.
       Very precious are his acts towards us.
Now remember God's mighty acts.
       Every breath is a gift from Yahweh.
Keep faithful as God's loving child.
       Tell of his love by your actions.
Yahweh reigns on high forever!
       Holy and awesome is our Father God!
Our hearts cry out in gratitude.
       Able to deliver us is our God!
Upon his throne, God watches his people.
       Nothing escapes his notice.
Jesus, our Messiah, intercedes for us --
       King of Kings and Lord of Lords is he!
Everlasting life flows from God.
       Sing for joy at God's supreme gift!
Shout for victory, for God Almighty rules!
       No foe can overcome our God!
Under Jesus' blood, all our sins and sicknesses are gone!
       Our sorrow is wiped away.
Shout for Joy, because God is for us!
       We have an awesome Savior!

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