Michael's 14th Psalm

An acrostic praise psalm. 28 September 1997

Jesus, God's Anointed One, is Lord of Heaven and Earth!
       Yahweh sent His Son to redeem us from the curse!
Everything God does for us is good.
       All of God's gifts are wonderful and pleasant.
Satan's pride led to sin and mankind's fall.
       He deceived us to destroy us.
Under the consequences of our sin, we languished.
       We had no hope of redeeming ourselves.
Satan and our own flesh forged chains of rebellion and addictions.
       Even our own bodies started craving seeds of their own destruction.
I wept, and so did God.
       He wept for all of His children in bondage.
Satan's work was doomed by God's redemption plan.
       I suffered for my own sin, but God suffered more.
Like lightning, God's plan flashed into reality as He spoke.
       Settled forever, many generations of people were redeemed.
Oh, the pain it cost God to send Himself as one of us.
       My mind boggles at God fitting himself into a body like ours.
Raging humans crucified their perfect Creator.
       Yahweh's Son hung on a tree in our place.
Death claimed victory over Jesus, the Messiah.
       Blood poured out of a dead body pierced by a spear.
On the third day, mourners came to Jesus' tomb.
       Early on a Sunday morning, Jesus' grave was empty!
Freedom from death and sin was sealed by David's heir forever.
       Light indeed overcomes the darkness, with no recourse.
Heaven and Earth will never be the same, because Jesus won!
       Over and over let the praises be sung!
Every foe is now under our feet.
       Victory is ours through our Anointed King of Kings!
All of the curse of sin and death is dead!
       Even poverty, sickness, and bondage are all broken!
Victorious conquerors are all of us who love God dearly!
       David's heir reigns at the Father's right hand!
Every day, God reaches out to me with love, instruction, and joy.
       Faith is the key to unlock all that God offers me.
Never alone, God's Holy Spirit comforts, counsels, and teaches me.
       Always drawn towards the God of Love, I find Him nearby.
Amazing grace, how wonderful!
       Testify of God's undeserved favor!
Depths of despair are a thing of the past.
       Heaven is in my future.
Everyone is loved the same in God's sight.
       Everyone has the same offer of salvation.
All people are offered the same redemption.
       Receive it by faith, and its yours.
Rejoice in the salvation of our God!
       Never again are we captive to destruction!
Tell of God's work in your life.
       Offer the sacrifices of praise!
       We love you, Father God!

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