Michael's 13th Psalm

An acrostic victory psalm; a prayer concerning legislative persecution of churches. 6 September 1997

Lord and maker of the whole Universe, we praise you!
       Jesus, Yahweh's Messiah, we adore you!
All your works bring glory to your name.
       Everything that has breath will praise you.
Under your blessings, your people prosper.
       Satan is powerless to stop them.
Governments try to outlaw your assemblies and your Gospel.
       Underhanded legislation attempts to silence your body.
How vain it is to order your people to be silent!
       Surely your joy and message must overflow to our mouths!
I cannot be silent!
       We must tell what you have done for us!
No more bondage to sin, sickness, poverty, and despair!
       Only you can give us the power to truly repent and live in victory!
Victory is worth shouting about!
       No way will I be silent!
I will proclaim your truth in many languages and in many ways.
       We are a mighty army in the Kingdom of God!
¡Cristo Jesús es el Señor!
       I will shout it again: Jesus Christ is Lord!
Take hold of your victory!
       The Lord of Hosts has an abundant supply!
Only the father of lies would be so bold as to threaten God's property.
       He should know that God will more than replace any damage he does.
Rulers and men may take their stand, but victory is God's.
       He who sits in Heaven laughs at their puny attacks.
In peace and joy, we remain.
       Ineffective threats roll off our armor like water pistols against a tank.
On God's Word, we stand secure;
       Sure of our salvation in our God.
Under the wings of the Almighty, we relax.
       Be our strong fortress in persecution, dear Father!
Sing for joy, all of God's people!
       Let loud praises ring out to Heaven!
Jesus is our savior and redeemer.
       Our future and our service are secure.
Over all of God's foes, we have authority and victory.
       Only God, our Father, Redeemer, and Comforter, wins the battles for us.
Yahweh reigns in Heaven!
       Do homage to our Father and provider, all who dwell on Earth!

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