Michael's 12th Psalm

An acrostic psalm. 13 August 1997

Yahweh, my beloved Father, I worship you!
       You alone are God, and there is no other!
All my days, I praise you and thank you.
       Every night, I proclaim my gratitude to you.
Holy is your Name!
       Sanctified and pure, you remain forever.
We were utterly depraved, but you saved us.
       Here we stand, now sanctified by your only Son's blood.
Even the curse that was on us, you took on yourself.
       Under the full blessings of your Law we now rest.
Hallelujah! Glory be to our God who is so compassionate!
       All our days, we are thankful for your redemption.
Do your will through us, please, Father.
       Send us to do your bidding.
Always guard us, please, Father, that we don't get deceived.
       Our desire is for you, and for your presence.
Dear Abba, we long to please you.
       Now is the time we dedicate to you.

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