Michael’s Psalm 112

Thank you, Jesus!

Written by Kahunapule Michael Johnson 24 December 2013 (21 Tevet 5774)

Thank you, Jesus, for doing the Father’s will!
    God sent you to redeem us at great cost.
Holy and sinless, you were the perfect sacrifice.
    Only you could truly atone for our many sins.
Although we were once sinners and enemies, you loved us.
    Death didn’t even kill your love.
Nobody loves us more than you.
    Blessed are you above all others.
Keep close to us by your Holy Spirit, Lord.
    Every day we want to be with you, Jesus our Messiah!
You gave us who believe in you the power to be children of God.
    Children of the Almighty God are blessed indeed!
O Yeshua the Messiah, we praise you!
    All glory be to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!
Unsurpassed joy floods our grateful souls!
    My heart rejoices at your presence!
Jesus, we love you because you first loved us.
    Every good and perfect gift comes through you!
Everlasting life is your free gift to us!
    Amazing eternal life with you is our inheritance!
Sing to the Lord for great joy!
    Make music and rejoice!
Under your guidance, we learn the Father’s ways.
    As we grow, we become more like you.
Send us with your Good News, and we will go.
    Now let the nations know that Yahweh is God!

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