Michael’s Psalm 113

God is Awesome!

Written by Kahunapule Michael Johnson 3 May 2015 (14 Iyyar 5775)

God is the Creator of all things.
    Jesus the Messiah was with Him in the beginning.
Our Father in Heaven spoke and the worlds were formed.
    Everything seen was made from what is not seen.
Day and night the Holy Spirit of God moves among us.
    Spirit of the Living God, please fill me!
In Jesus Christ, we are free from the bondage of sin.
    Under God's protection, we have life!
Serving Father God brings joy!
    Servants of Jesus the Messiah have peace.
All my hope is in God.
    In His Son, I look forward to my future.
With God, nothing good is impossible.
    Serving Christ Jesus, I can do whatever He asks.
Every word spoken by God contains the power to make it happen.
    God spoke life into me.
Say what you want, but I will say what God says.
    Rest assured that Father God knows best.
Our God is truly awesome!
    Everything we need is in Him!
My Father, I love you!
    All that is good is from you!
Every breath I take is a gift from you!
    Thank you, Father, for everlasting life!

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