Michael’s Psalm 110

Jesus is my Lord! Written 3 November 2012 (18 Heshvan 5773)

Jesus is the Great Anointed King!
    Messiah Yeshua is King of Kings!
Every knee will bow to Jesus.
    Yes, every tongue will proclaim his reign.
Sing for joy, you who were oppressed!
    Tell how Jesus set you free!
Understand the intensity of God's perfect love.
    Remember the Father's great sacrifice!
Salvation is not cheap, but he gives it freely.
    Under the blood of Jesus Christ we are washed.
I no longer bear the blood guilt of my own sin.
    Even though I deserved death, I live.
Saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ,
    My life is secure in Father God.
My soul cries out for my God!
    Every fiber of my being needs you, Lord!
You, O Lord, are able to save me from my distress!
    Surely you cause me to triumph in Christ Jesus!
Lord of Heaven and Earth, you are Lord of my life!
    Save me, Dear Father, from deception and lies!
Only you know the whole Truth!
    I trust you, Father God, for you are trustworthy.
Reign in my life, Spirit of the Living God!
    Always flood me with your presence!
Dear Lord, I worship you!
    Holy Father, I exalt you forever!

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