Michael’s Psalm 109

Holy! Holy! Holy! Written 12 August 2012 (24 Av 5772)

Holy! Holy! Holy!
    Father God is Holy!
Our Father created the Universe!
    All life springs from God!
Loving kindness is our Father's nature.
    There is no stronger love than God’s.
Your love, dear Father, conquers all evil.
    Hope and righteousness come from love.
Hallelujah! Our God reigns!
    Every knee will bow before Jesus the Messiah.
O Father, your love gave me life;
    Rescuing me and giving me life again just in time!
Lord, your gifts to people are beyond comprehension!
    Your sacrifice for us is more than enough!
You rescue us from calamity.
    Angels guard and protect your people.
Holy Father, teach us your ways.
    Holy Lord, lead us in righteousness.
Our lives are in your hands.
    We need your mercy and grace.
Let all creation declare your glory;
    Every tribe and language sing your praise!
Yes, Father, I worship you!

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