Michael’s Psalm 108

Love and Grace! Written 14 January 2012 (19 Tevet 5772)

I love you, Jesus Messiah!
    God, our Father gave His best to us.
Love like God’s love never ends.
    Righteous love from God lasts forever!
O Father, we adore the beauty of your holiness!
    All of your ways are right and full of love!
Victory belongs to your family.
    Christ’s believers overcome fear with love.
Everlasting life is an awesome gift!
    Eternal fellowship with our God is beyond compare.
Jesus, thank you for your Spirit!
    O Lord, we love you!
Everything works together for good for your chosen ones.
    Father, your plans and ways are very good!
Shout for joy and be glad!
    Glory be to God our Father!
Upon your promises, we stand firm.
    On your Word, we are secure.
Shout for joy to our loving Father!
    Daily sing praises to Him!

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