Michael’s Psalm 107

My hope is in God. Written 25 October 2011 (27 Tishri 5772)

God has given me hope.
    God Almighty has promised a wonderful future for me.
Our Lord, Jesus Christ, has saved me from certain doom.
    Our Messiah has given me the right to become God's child.
Depravity, sin and folly gripped my soul.
    Death reigned over me like thick smoke.
Out of my despair I called for help.
    Out of the mire of distress, I beckoned.
Father God heard my prayers.
    Father God listened to my plea.
He sent His Son and freed me from bondage to evil.
    Lord Jesus paid the price to redeem me.
Oh what a glorious deliverance!
    Oh what a valuable gift!
Peace that passes understanding floods my soul.
    Victory belongs to believers in Jesus!
Everlasting life is awesome with Father God!
    Eternal righteousness and love belong to God and His children!

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