Michael’s Psalm 106

God loves me! Written 3 February 2011 (29 Shevat 5771)

Glory be to our loving Father!
    Glory be to the Creator of the Universe!
O Father, thank you for loving us forever!
    LORD of all, we are grateful for your loving kindness!
Daily we are reminded of your love for us.
    Our love is a reflection of your great love.
LORD, we are amazed at the depth of your love and mercy!
    Riches of all the precious metals in the world pale compared to your love!
O Jesus, our Messiah, we thank you for your blood sacrifice.
    You have taken away our sin forever!
Victorious over death and hell, you live forever!
    This is the life you freely share with us.
Eternity with you is worth more than anything.
    Only you, Father God, are worthy of all of our worship.
Shine your light of revelation on us, Most Holy One.
    God, let us know you and your ways better.
Make us one with you, according to your word.
    O Father, may we be delightful to you.
Every day I rejoice in your presence!
    Daily let me keep walking with you, Father!

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