Michael’s Psalm 104

Freedom and Unity in Christ Jesus! Written 16 January 2011 (11 Shevat 5771)

I know that the Lord will complete what He has started in me.
    Father God sent His Son not to fail, but to bring me safely home.
Although the enemy keeps trying to take me out, he cannot.
    Righteousness prevails and overcomes darkness.
My life is secure in Jesus Christ.
    Even deep darkness cannot quench God's light.
Father in Heaven, I thank you for your great love!
    Eternal God, I praise you for your awesome sacrifice!
Reform your church in your image, LORD.
    Divisions need healing that only you can bring.
Eternal Father, let your church arise in unified praise of your glory!
    O Yahweh, let there be unity in the Body of Christ!
Everlasting Father, let your love flow through me, now and forever!
    May your Kingdom be seen in me always!

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