Michael’s Psalm 83

Thank you, Father! Written 18 September 2005 (15 Elul 5765)

Thank you, Father, for your love!
    Thank you for teaching me to love!
Thank you, Jesus, for your blood!
    Thank you for washing away all my sin!
Thank you, Holy Spirit, for teaching us!
    Thank you for opening our eyes!
Thank you, Dear Lord, for providing for us!
    Thank you, Master, for abundant supply!
Thank you, Yahweh our Healer, for health!
    Thank you for recovery from injury and disease!
Thank you, Revered Holy One, for protection!
    Thank you for keeping the enemy from taking us out early!
Thank you, Jesus our Messiah, for making us who believe in you children of God!
    Thank you for eternal life!

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