Michael’s Psalm 82

Victory in Jesus! Written 13 August 2005 (9 Av 5765)

Victory is ours in Jesus the Anointed One!
    In Christ alone, we overcome adversity.
I treasure Father God’s love more than all His creation.
    No wealth or beauty exceeds the glory of Almighty God!
Christ Jesus is my Lord and Savior.
    Jesus the Messiah is my only hope.
The sin and evil of my old ways died with Jesus on the cross.
    Eternal life in righteousness was granted to me when He rose again.
Oh what pain and sacrifice You made for me, my Lord!
    Such suffering was not in vain, Lord Jesus!
Reign in love and power in my life, Revered Holy One!
    Upon your promises I stand secure.
Yes, I will follow You, Lord!
    Show me Your ways, my Father!

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