Michael's Psalm 62

A Gospel psalm. Written 25 December 2002

Let God be magnified, who loves us dearly!
    Father God loves us with everlasting love.
Our Father created a vast and wonderful universe.
    All that we can perceive is only a fraction of God's creation.
Vast worlds and expanses of riches appeared at Yahweh's command.
    The voice of our faithful father converted the unseen into the seen.
Inhaling the Lord's breath, mankind awoke to life.
    Here on earth, Yahweh made us in His image.
Nothing came between the Father and His children.
    Everything was pleasant and perfect in this world.
God grieved when angels and people chose the way of sin.
    Rivers of tears flowed as evil ruined man's fellowship with his Father.
King Jesus, the Messiah, came to restore us to the Father.
    God Himself became a baby boy and grew up as a sinless man.
I am in awe at how much of a sacrifice the Anointed Jesus made for me.
    Only His own blood was enough to buy back all who would believe in Him.
Now there is an escape from the sin-caused death in Adam's race.
    Death and its destruction have been defeated by Jesus Christ.
Do you want to live forever?
    Love reaches out to you.
Now joy in the Holy Spirit is available to those who need it.
    Oh, the riches of the free gift of grace through Jesus Christ!
Everlasting life is free through faith in Jesus of Nazareth!
    Victory over sin, oppression, fear, and death are God's free gift!
Salvation comes through none other than Jesus Christ.
    Eternal life is the inheritance of those who repent and believe in Jesus.
Shout for joy, because Jesus Christ is Lord!
    Sing for joy, because our Messiah lives forever!

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