Michael's Psalm 56

Written 24 December 2001

Son of the living God, Jesus Christ was born of a virgin.
    Son of man, the Messiah came as a human.
Our God's compassion and love is not in vain.
    Oh, what love made the Word of God come as a man!
No sin of His own ever stained the Anointed One.
    No temptation overcame the Messiah.
Only good comes from Jesus Christ, the Holy One.
    Our perfect example is God's Messiah.
Forever will Jesus Christ reign!
    Free, everlasting life is our risen Lord's gift!
May Your glory increase, Holy Father!
    Glory be to Yahweh Almighty!
All nations and languages gather to worship You, Lord!
    Our hearts worship our Redeemer and Savior!
No weapon formed against Your people will prosper!
    Dance in joy, for victory belongs to Jesus Christ!

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