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Note: some of my software gives an old address that is no longer valid for contact information. You can reach me at this address:

Michael Paul Johnson
PO BOX 881143
PUKALANI HI 96788-1143

My old email address,, tends to attract lots of spam, and is therefore no longer guaranteed to be read by anyone. You can reach me much more reliably through my web contact form at

I no longer offer to mail floppy disks or CDs to anybody, due to their cost and obsolescence.


Kahunapule's Password Vault Cross-platform Windows, Linux, Mac OS X portable application that allows you to securely store many passwords, encrypted with one master password. Also included is Kahunapule's Random Password Generator, which generates truly random passwords or safe combinations using the character set you provide. Free, open source software (GPL 3 or later). Delete 2.10. Win32 console (DELETE.EXE) and DOS (DEL16.EXE) programs that delete files with prompt, overwrite, and recursion options. Can also delete files by date or age. Allows multiple file specifications on the command line. Definitely an improvement over the DOS and Windows 98/NT/2000/XP DEL or ERASE. Includes secure overwrite options for when you want to erase sensitive data permanently. Last change was to make recursive directory deletion compatible with Windows NT/2000/XP and improve date handling to go past 2038. Registration $25.00; site license $249.00. MD5SUM computes the MD5 cryptographic hash "fingerprint" of one or more files. Useful for checking the integrity of files. Free. SHA1SUM computes the SHA1 cryptographic hash "fingerprint" of files. Use for checking for file changes. Free. Split version 1.01. DOS program to split BIG file to many floppies, then recombine them. Registration only for personal & educational use: FREE (donations accepted); site license $100.00; site license with redistribution rights $250.00. PROVERB DOS program displays one quote from the book of Proverbs (or other quotes from a text file), for AUTOEXEC.BAT (or other batch files). Registration $20.00. PS Print DOS program that prints plain ASCII text files with PostScript printer. Your choice of type size, margins, and number of copies. Registration only $10.00; site license $100.00. Master Copy 1.60. Like XCOPY, but does conditional update based on file date, moves files by renaming them to another directory on the same disk, or by copying them to another disk then deleting the original. It can copy files that are system, hidden, and/or read only. It has many options for handling overwrites of existing destination files. Latest change: added better handling for file sharing environments. This is currently my most popular shareware. Registration only $15.00, site license $100.00. Zap 1.00. Overwrites unused disk clusters to make erased data still lurking there unrecoverable. This makes a good companion program to Delete. Shareware registration $15.00.


The Holy Bible isn't exactly software, but it is educational. Use your favorite web browser or word processing software to view and/or print it. Free.

ENCRYPTION & PRIVACY PROTECTION (mirrored here) Data LOCK Uses the Diamond 2 Encryption Algorithm. It accepts variable length keys, so you can pick your security level. The key can be a memorized pass phrase, random anything in a file, or something passed on the command line or in an environment variable. Includes complete source code. Source code may be compiled for use with DOS, Windows, Linux, Unix, etc. Registration: FREE. DLOCK2 is also available from PC World Download. for USA & Canada ONLY or outside of North America Atbash2 encryption program. Very fast, simple to use, secure encryption program that uses the Sapphire II Stream Cipher. The cipher text for this program is all upper case letters and the digits 2 through 8, so it can be read over the telephone or sent by MorsContae Code. Registration only, $20.00. Quicrypt encryption program. QCrypt is no longer maintained because:

  1. QCrypt is a DOS program, and it does some things that current versions of Windows detest, like attempting to directly read high resolution hardware timers to improve the quality of random numbers used for session key generation. You could try getting an old DOS boot floppy disk and boot your computer into genuine MS-DOS (or DR-DOS or IBM PC-DOS) and see if QCrypt runs OK. (You may have to move the files you want to decrypt onto floppies, too, as DOS can't read NTFS or FAT-32 hard drive partitions.)
  2. Computers have gotten faster. One of the Borland run-time library functions used in QCrypt sometimes causes an overflow error in its timing routines because of the faster processor speeds. If just booting DOS doesn't work, try finding a really old computer and doing that.
  3. Here is the really embarrassing one. I have lost the source code to QCrypt due to (1) a hard disk drive crash, and (2) all of my backups were onto tape, using a tape drive of a variety that I no longer have access to. Not only that, but these backups are stored "off site" at a location literally thousands of miles from me. I promise not to be so clumsy with my source code ever again.

Qcrypt uses the Sapphire Stream Cipher for speed and security. Compresses ciphertext. Features include automatic random session key management, file padding, original file name preservation, and more. The shareware version is secure enough for most people most of the time. The registered version of this program is more secure (uses longer session keys), and is included - encrypted, of course - in the .zip file. Registration entitles you to the passphrase to decrypt the registered version if I am legally allowed to provide it to you, otherwise, you get to keep using the same shareware version. Changes from version 1.0: (1) corrects an error that happens about 1 in 130 times encrypting, and (2) updates the registered version to use the Sapphire II Stream Cipher, which is more resistant to certain theoretical attacks than the Sapphire Stream Cipher. Registration only, $20. Registration includes passphrase to unlock the stronger registered version only in the USA and Canada. The same key that unlocked version 1.0 will unlock version 1.1. Qdecrypt is a program that is limited to decryption only (no encryption) of Quicrypt or Qcrypt files provided that you supply the proper passphrase. Also included is a way to turn encrypted files created with Qcrypt or Quicrypt into self-decrypting executable files that can be emailed as an attachment to someone without Quicrypt or Qcrypt. Free to registered users of Qcrypt.

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