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Here are some older newsletters, going back in time to when we first started as full-time Christian missionaries. The contact and donation information in these newsletters are not all current. Please see our contact page, partnership page, or current newsletters for current information.

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Older newsletters:

March 2014 — Cambodia, Thailand, and better vision
November 2013 — Simple Health Care, tippy taps, Pacific Wa’a, and giving thanks
June 2013 — News from CLTC in PNG; Prayer Results

May 2013 — Please pray for us!
March 2013 — New Season and New Address
February 2013 — Is the task of Bible translation done, yet?
January 2013 — Amazing Access Anywhere
December 2012 — Minority languages are getting more access to the Word of God and Bible study aids.
February 2012 — Pacific Gathering
September 2012 — Crossroads; Endorsement
July 2012 — Sowing Good Seed
February 2012 — Pacific Gathering; Lori’s work
November 2011 — We’ve Got Mail!
September 2011 — What does Michael do?
June 2011 — Adventures Orchestrated by God
November-December 2010 — A Time to Exhale and a Time to Inhale; starting with YWAM
September 2010 ― New Ways to Publish Scripture
May 2010 ― Farewell to PNG, hello Scriptures on the Web project
March 2010 ― Pictures and prayer requests
February 2010 ― Reflection, Prayer, and Planning
September 2009 ― More Bible dedications, Scriptures on the web, Quiz
April 2009 ― Safety, Cultural Context, and Faith
November-December 2008 ― Bible translators and little airplanes
September 2008 ― Bible Translation Progress
May 2008 — Fighting HIV/AIDS; Nate’s mission trip; Ben graduating
January 2008 — Flashback; New Donation Address
November 2007 — Fighting HIV/AIDS with Truth
September 2007 — Teacher retreat; Ben jumped off of a cliff
July 2007 — Back in PNG; Shipping to PNG
March 2007 — Missionary Hearts Exposed; Leyen; Hobby Bible Translation
January 2007 — Serving as Senders; Radios Proclaim the Gospel
November 2006 — The Power of the Holy Bible
September 2006 — Bumper Crop in a Famine
July 2006 — Reentry
February 2006 — It’s all about God! Introducing Rachel; Countdown to America
November 2005 — Winds of Change; Open Doors to Share on Biblical Sexual Purity
August 2005—Aruamu Bible Dedication; Answer to “Why translate the Holy Bible?” + Our Daughter
May 2005—The SIL Centre at Ukarumpa
February 2005—Simbu Trip; Report to Partners
December 2004—Unannounced Visitors
August-October 2004—Two Paths; What goes into a Bible translation?
July 2004—WordWatch: Why Translate the Holy Bible?
May-July 2004—Why Translate the Holy Bible?
February-April 2004—Annual Report; Overcoming Danger
November 2003-January 2004—Sharing Burdens & Making Disciples
September-October 2003—Kainantu dedicated to Jesus Christ; Teaching Abstinence
August 2003—WordWatch: Stronger Together
May-July 2003—Teaching MKs in support of Bible Translation
February-April 2003—Computers in Bible Translation
December 2002-January 2003—Godly Fruit; Radio Dreams
October-November 2002—Don’t hit the Pylon!
August-September 2002—New Testament Dedications
June-July 2002—Village Living Adventure
April-May 2002—Language learning in PNG
January-March 2002—Look out Jungle, here we come!
November-December 2001—WordWorks, Trip to PNG, preparing to move, Christmas greetings
August-October 2001—Starting the work!
June-July 2001—Earned GIAL Bible Translation Certificate; studying at DSM
March-May 2001—Learning linguistics & looking forward
January-February 2001—Starting school at GIAL
December 2000—A prophetic poem and Christmas greetings
November 2000—Geronimo!

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