Michael’s Psalm 80

Bragging about Jesus. Written 23 February 2005 (14 Adar Alef 5765)

Jesus saves us from sin!
    God rescues us from destruction!
Every sin I ever committed is atoned for by Jesus’ blood.
    Only those who reject the Messiah suffer hell’s torment.
Surely Jesus’ stripes heal us.
    Diseases and injuries are overcome by God’s power!
Upon our Father God’s love, we stand secure.
    Rocks may shake and crumble, but God’s love endures forever.
Satan might rage against us, but he is defeated.
    Every child of God has authority over demons.
Seek God’s Kingdom and righteousness, and
    See God’s bountiful provision.
Accept the Holy Spirit’s instruction, and
    Come, follow our Father’s leading.
Victory belongs to God’s children.
    Under God’s authority, we overcome evil with good.
Every breath we take is a gift from God.
    Every heartbeat is our Father’s precious present.
Shout for joy at our Messiah King’s victory!
    Sing praises to the Lord of Lords!

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