Michael’s Psalm 72

An acrostic psalm, written Easter 2004 (21 Nisan 5764)

Jesus Christ is alive forever!
    Jesus the Messiah will never die again!
Eternal life is our Lord’s reward.
    Everlasting life is our Father’s gift.
Salvation comes from Jesus the Anointed One alone.
    Salvation cost Father God the blood of His Son.
Upon God’s Word, I stand.
    Under God’s mercy, I live.
Surely there is no greater grace and love than God’s.
    Superior love conquers all sin and evil.
Love reigns supreme in our Lord Jesus!
    Love conquers all darkness and fear.
It gives me great joy to worship the King of Kings.
    Our God’s love is the greatest treasure anywhere.
Victory belongs to Jesus Christ and his people.
    Vanquished spirits fall down before God’s children.
Evil no longer reigns supreme.
    Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
Sing for joy to the Lord of Lords!
    Shout, for victory belongs to our Father in Heaven!

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