Michael’s Psalm 70

An acrostic psalm, written 16 February 2004 (24 Shevat 5764)

Everlasting love flows from our Father!
    God loves us forever!
Victory over sin and all evil comes through the Messiah, Jesus the Son of God.
    Only through Jesus Christ may we come to the Father.
Eternal life is a great gift!
    Death no longer has the last word with God’s children!
Royal majesty belongs to Jesus the Anointed One!
    Lord Jesus is the King of Kings!
Let all creation honor the King of Kings, for He is worthy!
    Open your heart and worship the Lord of Lords alone!
All power in Heaven and on Earth has been given to Jesus the Messiah.
    Victorious Jesus even descended into Hell and took the keys!
Sing for joy, for our God of love reigns!
    Everlasting love pours into our hearts from God’s Holy Spirit!
Thank You, Father God for your precious gift!
    Such love is more valuable than anything!
In Your presence, we know Your peace.
    Free to serve you, we are released by Jesus’ blood.
No weapon formed against us will prevail.
    Only You could defeat us, and you promised life to those who trust in You.
Glory be to the everlasting King!
    Reign forever, our beloved Lord!
Let me bring many people to always be with You, as well!
    Everyone needs to hear of Your Good News!
Open the flood gates of Heaven and let Your people love like You!
    Victory is ours through the Blood of Jesus Christ!
Visions, dreams, and prophecies tell of Your mighty works to come!
    Even so, let it be done according to Your holy desire!
Every knee will bow to Jesus Christ.
    Reign forever, holy Lord!

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