Michael’s Psalm 68

An acrostic psalm, written 4 January 2004 (11 Tevet 5764)

Father in Heaven, we love you!
    God almighty, we worship you!
All honor and glory belongs to you.
    Righteousness and love flow from you.
In times past, we failed you, but you rescued us.
    All of your people sinned, but you redeemed us.
Teach us your ways, Holy Father.
    Clean and correct our minds, dear Lord.
Help us to walk worthy of you.
    Enable us to please you.
Inhabit our spirits with your Holy Spirit, O God.
    Open the eyes and ears of our hearts to your instruction.
Never will you leave us who love you.
    Forever living with you is our greatest comfort and joy!
Great is your grace!
    Great is your mercy on us who believe in Jesus the Anointed One!
O Father, we admire your blood covenant of love!
    O Jesus, we thank you for your sacrifice for us!
Deliver us from evil, and lead us away from temptation.
    Delight in your righteous love fills us with joy!

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