Michael's Psalm 54

written 11 December 2001

Jesus Christ is Lord!
    He died for our sins, but lives forever!
Everlasting life is God's great gift to His children.
    Our Father treasures His children.
Signs, wonders, and miracles pale compared to the joy of knowing God.
    Life as God's friend is fun!
Under God's protection, peace reigns.
    Your life and reward are safe with Yahweh.
Seek righteousness, O my soul!
    My desire is to follow God's ways.
Christ Jesus is our example.
    Emmanuel is the Way to our Father in Heaven.
Hallelujah! Jesus Christ lives forever!
    Shout for joy! The Anointed One reigns!
Riches and pleasures in this world pale compared to God's glory!
    Satan's bait is no match for Yahweh's righteous rewards.
In our Father's presence there is great joy.
    In Almighty God's protected place, all needs are met.
Show me Your ways, dear Lord, so that I may walk with You.
    Allow me to stay with You always.
Teach me to be righteous and holy like You.
    Help me to love all people like You.
Infuse me with Your glory and compassion.
    Rescue me from evil thoughts, words, and deeds.
Set a watch over me, Lord, and protect me from evil.
    Enshroud me with Your integrity and conquoring love.
Let your Holy Spirit be my constant guide.
    I set my will to obey You always.
Only You satisfy my soul!
    God Almighty, I love You!
Rejoice, for God is good!
    Never let anyone steal your joy.
Day by day, I will praise the Lord.
    Sing praises to our God forever!

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