Michael's Psalm 52

written 23 September 2001

Glory to God our Father!
    God is good all the time.
Our God is holy and true.
    Our Savior is the way, the truth, and the life.
Death is overcome by life.
    Destruction is overthrown by love.
Kindness and peace come from God.
    Sin and evil cannot prevail.
Everyone needs to know God's Truth--
    Truth that sets people free.
Everything spoken by God carries His power and authority.
    It is impossible for God to lie.
Peace and health are in God's presence.
    Life and love flow from God.
Satan kills, but God heals.
    Love prevails, but hate fails.
Hell imprisons people who deserve it.
    Heaven is God's gift to those who receive it.
In exchange for our sin, Jesus Christ gave us righteousness.
    Everlasting life is an awesome gift!
Salvation comes through Jesus Christ alone.
    All who call on Him while they live will be saved.
We who believe in Jesus Christ live for Him.
    Live is full of love and joy in our Lord.
Our praise and worship flow to our Father in Heaven.
    Songs of joy and victory fill our mouths!
Remember your remnant, Holy Father, and heal our land.
    Uphold Your Covenant with your mighty arm!
Deliver our land, and be glorified!
    Save Your people from evil, and let Your Word prevail!

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