Michael's Psalm 46

Written 13 June 2001

Remember the gifts God has given you.
    He has blessed you with life worth living.
In Jesus Christ, we have all we need.
    Only Jesus, the Anointed One, is the way to the Father.
God is full of grace and love for His children.
    Let all of God's people accept His gifts.
Holiness is God's way.
    In God's presence, righteousness prevails.
The glory of God fills the whole Earth.
    Nations everywhere are hearing the Good News.
Every tribe and every race will know about Jesus.
    Every living language will be used to proclaim the Gospel.
Out of all the tribes of the Earth, God is gathering His people.
    Salvation cost Jesus Christ His blood, but He gives it freely to all who ask for it.
Unless Jesus saved us, we would all die.
    Thank God that we are redeemed!
Sing for joy, all who love God!
    Oh, how good God is!
Nothing can ever separate us from Your love, dear Father.
    Glory be to Your holy Name forever!
Everlasting joy from God floods my soul.
    Our Father in Heaven strengthens us with joy!
Sing for joy because of God's goodness!
    Delight in Yahweh and dance with joy!

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