Michael's Psalm 33

13 January 2000

Jesus is Lord!
       Praise the Lord!
Every living thing, praise Jesus!
       Raise your voice and thank Him!
Shout "Glory to God!"
       Always be thankful for His sacrifice.
Under His shelter, we are secure.
       In His presence, we rejoice.
Sing of our Redeemer's love.
       Show His mercy to others.
In spite of our past sins, Jesus died to save us.
       Everyone who comes to Him in faith is saved.
Send Your Holy Spirit, O Lord!
       Jesus, immerse us in Your Spirit!
Let your glory overflow us, and make us a blessing!
       Enable us to do Your work!
Open the way to share Your Good News with all people.
       Spread Your message in every language!
Reach out Your hand to heal.
       Unleash holy mighty works!
Declare victory for righteousness and truth!
       Shout "Hallelujah!"

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