Michael's Psalm 29

25 October 1999

Glory to God!
Our Father provides all our needs.
       Abundance allows us to share and bless others.
Do what the Holy Spirit prompts.
       Reach out to others with the Gospel.
Salvation is free, but people need to hear about it.
       Visit your neighbors, near and far.
Unleash God's power with love.
       Everyone needs God's love.
Peace and love flow from us.
       Show people we really care.
People are welcome in our Father's Kingdom.
       Tell them the Good News!
Life forever with Jesus is our inheritance.
       In our Father's house is great joy.
I praise you, Father God, for you are very good.
       Many thanks go to you for your grace.
Every good and perfect gift comes from you, Lord.
       Eternal life is a wonderful gift from you!
Shout hallelujah!

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